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With so many fun Minecraft servers to choose from, which server is the one to focus on? Do not stress, dear Minecraft players, for we have listed the most fun Minecraft servers on the internet, and you can join them now.

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1HyperSkys NetworkHyperSkys Network

HyperSkys Network is listed in Fun servers. A amazing minecraft server with tons of gamemodes that everyone loves what is so special about our server is that we giveaway ranks every week so you could be the lucky winner and have a chance at MVP++,...


JaguarPVP is listed in Fun servers. Welcome to JaguarPVP A new Player VS Player Experience We are carefully considering everything about our server for our Jaguar 1.0 Release. There are many practice games, finalgames and fun games like Anarchy. O...

10BrokenLens GamesBrokenLens Games

BrokenLens Games is listed in Fun servers. Welcome to BrokenLens Network The place for fun and friends! With 20+ game modes and Bedrock Edition multi-version support and now featuring cross-play between Java Edition and Bedrock Edition! gather you...

27McAnvil NetworkMcAnvil Network

McAnvil Network is listed in Fun servers. LegendPvP Factions/PvP LegendPvP is a fun factions/PvP server! We have both plugins and great players to make your time on the server exciting and unique! Our plugins include: McMMO: McMMO is a simple plug...

35Mineplex ClansMineplex Clans

Mineplex Clans is listed in Fun servers. Team up with your friends and build your own epic base in this Factions meets Champions game mode! Defend your base from would-be raiders and launch epic sieges on your worst enemies! Go out into the Border...


AkumaMC is listed in Fun servers. AkumaMC offers a huge diversity of insane fun which mainly comes from our daily breathtaking events, tons of competition, amazing features and most importantly the rewards. It has a unforgettable Prison experience...


AnubisMC is listed in Fun servers. AnubisMC - The Premier Minecraft Network! Providing amazing custom game modes with Pixelmon Reforged and Survival! Come play our network and join our YouTube personalities on their adventures alongside 09SharkBoy...

69/1000online is listed in Fun servers. is a minigame server with the following games and training modes: - FastBuilder - BedWars - Quakecraft - Slender - Minesweeper - Moorhuhn - CakeDefense - SnowBattle Join the fun on the server by ...


MelonSMP is listed in Fun servers. MelonSMP community is very kind and our staff are always here for you no matter what our servers also bedrock crossplay and we have a ton of game modes without any lag! Server Are on [1.8 - 1.17] SurivivalSMP A p...

51DiamondFire - create y...DiamondFire - create your own minigames

DiamondFire - create your own minigames is listed in Fun servers. DiamondFire - CREATE YOUR OWN MINIGAMES!!! That's Amazing Right? Great Staff Great Players! Support Are Always On! Have Fun!


Vulengate is listed in Fun servers. Vulengate is a community focused survival server where Keep Inventory is enabled and griefing/raiding is strictly prohibited. The economy is community driven, with a variety of ways to earn money. You can join j...

93Immortal RealmsImmortal Realms

Immortal Realms is listed in Fun servers. Hey! Guess what, there is a upcoming server called Immortal Realms! it has a different realm and different faction gamemodes. The first realm to open is Tropical Realm. we have some uniqe features that onl...

109Mega CraftMega Craft

Mega Craft is listed in Fun servers. If youre looking for a fun, exciting, and customized minecraft experience, Mega Craft has something for you! We have three unique servers, each one with a variety of features that will completely change the way...


Mineteria is listed in Fun servers. Mineteria is a fun roleplay server that offers players the ability to engage with their friends in a tightly knit community.


Parkourcraft is listed in Fun servers. Parkourcraft is an pvp/parkour/minigames server where the comunety is pretty toxic bur og u buy a Rank u can /mute (player) have fun! :)


TheaLater is listed in Fun servers. This is a welcoming cottage core server with a discord. Its super fun and vanilla. We have lots of shops to buy stuff and everywhere you go you will see cute builds. Come join :)


WalrusNetwork is listed in Fun servers. A survival server with fun aspects to it! Invite some friends and I guarantee when we get players you will enjoy it. We have McMMO and custom items and crates as well as rewards in the wild and constantly up...


ShallWeCraft is listed in Fun servers. Amazing Server! Great Staff! 24/7 Fun!


dotMINE is listed in Fun servers. Svensk minecraft server med survival, towny, creative, funland, kitpvp och vanilla. Spelare i alla ldrar och frn alla delar av vrlden.


Anahata is listed in Fun servers. A friendly survival server with rank ups based on playtime. The rules are simple and we are all just here to have fun!


FunCoPop is listed in Fun servers. Fun Mcmmo slimefun survival. active players with mutch playtime may apply for staff. more to come skyblock bedwars ect


XenoFlux is listed in Fun servers. XenoFlux [Server version 1.17] IP: Website: Discord: This server offer a nice survival experience. Find a Dungeons and fight the mobs to get to th...

213Sword X PvpSword X Pvp

Sword X Pvp is listed in Fun servers. Hello! Thanks for reading this! Sword X PvP is a really fun KitPvP server! We are looking for lots of players to have fun! Are main goal is to make everyone playing have a really fun time! We really hope you s...


ParadiseMC is listed in Fun servers. *Paradise MC* Survival Semi-RPG 1.14.4 El servidor cuenta con: - Protecciones. - Slimefun. - Pets. - Gremios. - Marry (para tener pareja). - Economia. - Trabajos. - Rangos. - Armas. - Mazmorras (prximamente).

7/150online is listed in Fun servers. Welcome to, we are a fun Minecraft server network specifally for Scouts all over the world! We have custom plugins, a great community and exciting new gamemodes that are unique to us. We have...


How can I pick the Best Minecraft Fun Servers?

Choosing Minecraft Fun server can be very challenging since it depends on what kind of server you are looking for. When it comes to Minecraft one of the most important factors to a great Minecraft server is an active community and player base. Here you can find top Fun servers with information such as the number of players connected and a number of votes, to help you choose the right Fun Minecraft server.