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Tekkit Minecraft servers offer an exciting opportunity to delve into the vast realm of possibilities beyond the traditional mechanics of vanilla Minecraft. These servers provide a unique gameplay experience by incorporating the Tekkit mod, which adds a wealth of new features, technologies, and systems to the game.

To fully immerse yourself in the Tekkit experience, it is necessary to install the Tekkit modpack before joining these servers. The modpack includes a collection of carefully curated mods that seamlessly integrate with Minecraft, expanding its gameplay in extraordinary ways. These mods introduce advanced machinery, complex automation, futuristic technologies, and an array of new resources and materials.


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Rank Name Server Players Status
3Complex Gaming FTB

Welcome to Complex-Gaming FTB Network! Our server is running many modpacks, including Sky Factory 3/4, Sky Oddessy, Stoneblock 2, Project Ozone 3 and much more! Read below for the full serverlist/ips. Having issues downloading the mod, or getting on the server? Join our discord: https://discord.g...


We host gamemodes Skyblock Vanilla Creative Modded And Minigames: Paintball Mlg rush Bedwars KitPvP

310Apocalyptic Gaming Mod...

AGN, founded in 2010 is a multi-server modded/vanilla network spanning over 20+ minecraft servers. Features: - Factions (Voltz Only) - GriefPrevention (Custom Made) - Towny - Economy/Shops/Rewards (Custom Plugin) - Kits/Keys/Crates/Vote Rewards (Custom Plugin) - Dozens of worlds to explore! - Bun...

321Pixelmon 3.4

Most up to date and unique Pixelmon server on the interwebs. We have great custom mods for your improved experience play (Pixelutilities!) and a great staff team to keep us on the path to the future. We have weekly events and great prizes. We have NO LAGGGG and up time 99.9 % (we have to update s...


Modpacks: Tekkit Legends (v1.1.1) | The 1.12.2 Pack (v1.3.7) | Omnifactory (v1.2.2) Hub IP: Play.SiriusMC.net Tekkit Legends IP: Legends.SiriusMC.net The 1.12.2 Pack IP: 1122.SiriusMC.net Omnifactory IP: Omni.SiriusMC.net Website: SiriusMC.net Discord: discord.gg/k728gFT6Q7 Why Choose SiriusMC? S...

633FinalCraft IDEAL

FinalCraft Network ModPack Entre no nosso Discord - https://discord.gg/XaUvd7b * Nome - FinalCraft IDEAL * Criador - EverNife * Gnero - Mundo Aberto * Verso Minecraft - 1.7.10 DESCRIO Esse modpack foi criado junto com a comunidade, ficou como um projeto no frum Minecraft Brasil por alguns me...


On Tekkit servers, you have the chance to explore and harness the power of advanced machinery and automation. The modpack introduces various industrial and technological advancements, allowing you to build elaborate factories, automate resource gathering and processing, and even generate sustainable energy through advanced power systems.

The Tekkit modpack also introduces new resources and materials that can be utilized to craft powerful tools, weapons, and equipment. With these enhanced capabilities, you can embark on ambitious projects, conquer challenging dungeons, and venture into distant dimensions.

Collaboration and cooperation are often encouraged on Tekkit servers, as players can pool their knowledge and resources to create large-scale projects and industrial complexes. Whether it's establishing massive power grids, constructing automated farms, or developing intricate transportation systems, teamwork can yield incredible results.

Additionally, Tekkit servers may feature an economy system, allowing players to engage in trade, buy and sell resources, and participate in a thriving player-driven marketplace. This adds a dynamic element to the gameplay, fostering a sense of community and providing opportunities for players to specialize in specific trades or professions.

It's worth noting that the Tekkit modpack can be quite extensive, with numerous mods and intricate mechanics to learn. It is advisable to consult guides and resources specific to Tekkit in order to familiarize yourself with the modpack's features and make the most of your gameplay experience.

Tekkit Minecraft servers offer a captivating blend of exploration, technology, and collaboration, providing a fresh and innovative twist on the classic Minecraft formula. Whether you are an aspiring engineer, a master builder, or simply curious about the possibilities that lie beyond vanilla Minecraft, Tekkit servers offer a thrilling journey into the realm of advanced technologies and boundless creativity.

So, gather your tools, immerse yourself in the Tekkit modpack, and prepare to embark on an adventure where the limits of what you can achieve are defined only by your imagination. Join the ranks of Tekkit Minecraft servers and embrace the future of Minecraft gameplay.