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Just like any other Minecraft server, Realms servers offer many different game modes. Realms servers are usually hosted on official Minecraft servers, but they can grow quite huge with time.

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93Immortal RealmsImmortal Realms

Immortal Realms is listed in Realms servers. Hey! Guess what, there is a upcoming server called Immortal Realms! it has a different realm and different faction gamemodes. The first realm to open is Tropical Realm. we have some uniqe features that ...

263Enlightened Realms Net...Enlightened Realms Network

Enlightened Realms Network is listed in Realms servers. Welcome to FrediSaalAnimation's Network known as Enlightened Realms. We offer Custom Survival gameplay for those who are into that. Slimefun and Runecraft3 are the two main plugins on the...


KitRealms is listed in Realms servers. We are a server with a unique KitPvP/Survival feel to it! We are currently looking for staff members and we are still under development. KitRealms is a highly developed server that we have spent months on cre...

728Mortality FactionsMortality Factions

Mortality Factions is listed in Realms servers. Mortality SMP NEW (JAVA SUPPORT!!): Mortality Factions Server with 50 Player Slots Welcome to Mortality Factions, a Minecraft Factions server and Realms HUB for all devices We hope to include lots of...


BogRealmsMC is listed in Realms servers. BogNations. A Minecraft Community Platform. Home to an amazing Minecraft community made for everyone! ==================================== Features * Survival * Creative * Economy * Parkour * Minigames * EX...

808Mortal RealmsMortal Realms

Mortal Realms is listed in Realms servers. The Mortal Realms is a Nation building, RPG, Survival Minecraft server. Based on a wholly original world of Monsters, Magic and Magistrates, the Mortal Realms is a harsh and realistic fantasy world where ...


SurvivalStar is listed in Realms servers. Dedicated Survival server with multiple realms and versions to suit all play styles. With an additional network based currency system that enables you to earn Ranks, Perks and Items just for playing! Realm...

1383Paradise RealmsParadise Realms

Paradise Realms is listed in Realms servers. Welcome to Paradise Realms We offer a sense of community with weekly events, you won't be ignored by staff in general conversation as we are all here to make a nice community. We currently focus on ...

1558Averia RealmsAveria Realms

Averia Realms is listed in Realms servers. Averia Realms is a constantly growing TOWNY & RPG server with amazing features such as: Custom World Generation! Featuring 1.18 Lush Caves in 1.17! Daily / Weekly / Monthly rewards! Unique Challenges ...

1620Serenity RealmsSerenity Realms

Serenity Realms is listed in Realms servers. Welcome to Serenity Realms! Serenity Realms is a community known for a great staff team and it's friendly community. With over 5 years of experience in hosting Minecraft Servers, we aim to bring you...

1711LinusTechTips NetworkLinusTechTips Network

LinusTechTips Network is listed in Realms servers. Welcome to the official LinusTechTips Minecraft Network! Check us out and become a part of our amazing community! Current Realms Include: - Survival - Towny - Hard Survival - Creative - Parkour Co...

1761Xyphrus RealmsXyphrus Realms

Xyphrus Realms is listed in Realms servers. Xyphrus Realms is a server created by Evanticus that was completely aimed to be a small, fun community where players can enjoy themselves in various worlds! Our worlds that we offer as of now are Skywars...

1782MythicalRealms | KitPVP |MythicalRealms | KitPVP |

MythicalRealms | KitPVP | is listed in Realms servers. MythicalRealms is a KitPVP server. The server is not fully done as it wont be for a while but for the moment we have our custom made map ready to use. We are looking for dedicated players to c...


SurvivalRealms is listed in Realms servers. Immerse yourself into the unique realms of our server! Our chill community is waiting for you to join them. We have: - Custom Plugins - Anti-Grief (Grief Prevention) - Custom Enchants - Unique Gameplay (...

1828Xiled KingdomXiled Kingdom

Xiled Kingdom is listed in Realms servers. Xiled Kingdom is a Minecraft network supporting Java, Bedrock and even Minecraft Realms. It was designed to help offer players and the fans of Minecraft an environment to meet friends, discuss gaming and ...

2321Archer RealmsArcher Realms

Archer Realms is listed in Realms servers. Minecraft Archer Realms Survival (Java 1.17+) | RTP - Randomly teleport across the world. | Economy - Buy, sell, and trade with in game currency. | Grief Prevention - Protect your land from other players ...


Beeblecraft is listed in Realms servers. Welcome to Beeblecraft! We are a friendly adult (21+) sever that recently transferred from realms. As such we're looking for adult minecrafters to join us in the quest for pixelated happiness! You don&#...

2391Astrian RealmsAstrian Realms

Astrian Realms is listed in Realms servers. Welcome to Astrian-Realms Public Beta! 1.15.2 in our current phase we are now undergoing public testing of each plugin and performance our current feature list are Towny, mcmmo, Quests currently under he...

2770Aged RealmsAged Realms

Aged Realms is listed in Realms servers. Aged Realms Is A Slimefun Towny Server With Custom Terrain And Lots Of Fully Configured Plugins To Make Your Experience With Us More Fun. The Staff Team Is Very Professional And Is Willing To Help You Out W...

2849Medieval Realms Towny ...Medieval Realms Towny RolePlay

Medieval Realms Towny RolePlay is listed in Realms servers. IP: Dynmap: Discord: https://discord.gg/k7WD84w Server version: 1.14.4 JAVAA SERVER IS DESIGNED AROUND THE CONQUEST RESOURCE PACK + OPTIFINE...


BedRealms is listed in Realms servers. The future of Bedwars. BedRealms is bringing everyone together for the best bedwars experience. Our server symbolizes unique gameplay from special kits to custom gamemodes. Coming Soon.


MythicRealmsRPG is listed in Realms servers. Hello and welcome to the MythicRealms RPG! MythicRealms RPG is an upcoming MMORPG-like Minecraft server. Follow your path of adventurer, live the life you want to roleplay, own property or whole town, p...


How can I pick the Best Minecraft Realms Servers?

Choosing Minecraft Realms server can be very challenging since it depends on what kind of server you are looking for. When it comes to Minecraft one of the most important factors to a great Minecraft server is an active community and player base. Here you can find top Realms servers with information such as the number of players connected and a number of votes, to help you choose the right Realms Minecraft server.