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Looking for the best Minecraft servers to play on? There's so much to pick from in the wide worlds of Minecraft, and so many different kinds of Minecraft servers available once you step outside of vanilla. If going head to head with other Minecrafters is your thing, a PvP or mini-game Minecraft server could be just the ticket. Or if you prefer peaceful gameplay there are many survival servers that could be a perfect choice. Here we’ve lined up a list of the best Minecraft servers, and inside you'll find a wide variety of servers to try out and find one that matches your preferences.

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We are now 1.16!!! Come Nether with us!! Also, the admins have quietly been working on a brand new spawn for Gladius and we're happy to announce that it's IN!!! Hearkening back to our original spawn this one features much more space, massi...
Hello! Welcome to Replay, a server that seeks to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone. We have features such as custom plugins, custom built maps, and multiple things you can do during your stay. We constantly work to improve and create ne...
El servidor oficial de MisterReadys Se trata de un servidor survival basado en clanes y una economa densa adems de otras caractersticas varias como un nuevo sistema de pesca
4Agn MinecraftAgn Minecraft
Hey guys! we're a FiveM based server trying to expand into Minecraft! We've been a FiveM only server for around 4 years and have gradually moved onto other games such as Minecraft and Rust. Version: 1.17.1! Server IP: mc.aesirgaming.networ...
5JRB Soul CraftJRB Soul Craft
Join JRB SoulCraft (1.8.9) and be an awesome member of a factions and skyblock server with a joined pvp arena!! Custom sets and weapons added. Don't miss out!
Pryzm - Staff wanted Pryzm - Staff wanted Pryzm - Staff wanted Pryzm - Staff wanted Pryzm - Staff wanted New server Discord Survival Active Staff and Devs Survival
DayLightCraft Survival + KitPVP + Creative Geen PVP in normale wereld. We gebruiken griefprevention om grievers te voorkomen. PVP in nether en end. Play.DayLightCraft.com We gebruiken discord om te communiceren. De server is al meer dan 2 jaar act...
8GreenBlock networkGreenBlock network
Hello and welcome to the Green Block Network. Here we have awesome and dedicated staff and we are trying to create a good community of minecraft players. This server is currently in beta so they may be bugs here and there. We are currently working...
Just a small server with really strict server permissions, if you want to become a user please email me at minecraft.laratechs.com so I can add permissions as we prevent griefing on join.
10000hen MC Server000hen MC Server
A Minecraft Server By 000hen This server was started on November 3, 2018. We created this server just because we were bored and wanted to set up a server. We offer all the "Genuine" Minecraft players for free.
11Wirenut - Minecraft Ne...Wirenut - Minecraft Network
Modded & Vanilla Minecraft Network. Our aim is to create the best of both worlds with the traditional vanilla plugin style server and the extreme modded experience. Our staff have nearly 10 years experience running Modded and Vanilla servers, ...
come and join us on JahCraft! a holy place where we gather to praise our lord and savior, Jah. Have fun and meet new people who also praise Jah.
**Banner is outdated** Join FoxMC, New type of games! RPG Survival offering clans, gems, dungeons, custom items and more! Let's see you today! IP: play.foxmc.net Version: 1.16.5 !
14Minesome SurvivalMinesome Survival
Hey there nice to meet ya! This server is based off two other servers which were ditched by the previous Owner. This is a Survival server. It includes things such as PyroMining, Quests, Heads, Armor Stand Editing & more! I hope you'll come...
15Tiny SkyTiny Sky
A friendly tiny community server. We have friendly staff and a great community! We try to be the best we can and always will take suggestions and improvements!
Melonia ist ein Deutsches Minecraft Netzwerk Spielmodis : - Citybuild - SMP Realistisch 1.16.5 - SMP 1.17.1 - SMP All the mods 3 -SMP 1.18
17Simplicity SmpSimplicity Smp
SERVER SETTINGS: Difficulty:|HARD Render Distance:|12 Chunks World Border Size: |16K (might be expanded later) Fire Spread: |Off
18Bean CraftBean Craft
BeanCraft is a a server with minigames, land claiming, vehicles, and much more.. With mini games for everyone a creative if you please there is something for everyone on BeanCraft
19Podzol NetworkPodzol Network
The Podzol Network is all about unique, entertaining gamemodes, such as Wizardry, where you will find yourself when you first join. On Wizardry, you slay monsters, survive blood moons, fight bosses, level up spells, go on quests, summon minions, g...
FOGC SMP - The all new SMP experience Towny - Start a town with your friends and rise up Guns - Fully functional guns and explosive weapons to enhance combat Big World Size - World size is 16k x 16k, 8k blocks out in each direction GUI Shop - Purc...
21BLOCKY SurvivalBLOCKY Survival
BLOCKY Survival is aimed at mature players although we are well aware of the various ages that play the game and all ages are welcome to come and play. Various plugins included like: GriefPrevention, jobs, mcMMO, shops, crates etc. Come join us an...
AlphaMinecraft Nederlands en engelse server Versie: 1.8.8-1.16.5 Skyblock, Creative, Survival(1.14.4!), MineTopia en MiniGames
23Priminks CultPriminks Cult
Towny - Land Claiming Economy - Shops RankUp - Custom Rank Ups With In-Game Currency New Friendly server with more to come! Custome Enchancts - Over 80+ Enchantments
24Crystal VillageCrystal Village
From humble beginnings we rise, welcome, to Crystal Village. No towns, no super complex mobs, so super economy, no technology. just you, your tools, and your hunger to explore.
Vlkommen till SentiaCraft ---------------------------------------------------------------- Hr kommer du kunna skapa stder, slja dina varor som du tjnar in, kunna utforska en helt ny vrld, slss mot custom mobs som kan droppa speciella enchants som ...

What is a Minecraft Server?

A Minecraft server is a Multiplayer version of the Minecraft world in which you can play Minecraft with other players. What are the Best Minecraft Servers? It may seem like it is a simple question but the answer is not so simple. There are a lot of considerations that go into finding top Minecraft servers, however, our website will help you make this task a lot easier. On the Minecraft Server list, you can simply scroll down our website, find yourself top voted servers, and start playing with a few clicks!

What is a Minecraft Server List?

A Minecraft server list is a website that can be accessed through your browser to help find Minecraft Servers. Each server list can have different functions, filters and even servers, Minecraft Server List is periodically checking all servers to ensure we list Best Minecraft Servers. To use our Minecraft Server List simply browse main list or a specific category, find yourself a good Minecraft server, click copy IP address and paste it into your Minecraft launcher. After that, you're ready to go, join the new Minecraft server, make new friends have some fun.

How do I play Minecraft Servers?

In order to play on Minecraft servers, you must have purchased Minecraft and installed it on your computer. After starting Minecraft client navigate to Minecraft Multiplayer and click Add server button. Then pick a Minecraft Server from our site that you would like to play on and type in the server IP address, you can also copy-paste it. That's it, easy enough, right? After playing on your new Minecraft Server if you for whatever reason aren't enjoying it, you can always use our site, Minecraft Server List to find yourself another server.