Modded Minecraft servers

Modded Minecraft servers offer a unique and customized gameplay experience by running custom mods on both the server and client side. These mods introduce a wide range of new features, mechanics, items, and even entire dimensions to the Minecraft world.

Unlike vanilla Minecraft servers, modded servers require players to install specific mods on their Minecraft client in order to connect and fully experience the server's custom content. These mods can be obtained from various sources, such as modpacks or individual mod downloads, and are typically installed alongside the base Minecraft game.

The appeal of modded Minecraft servers lies in the vast array of possibilities they offer. With the addition of custom mods, players can delve into new gameplay mechanics, explore unique biomes, encounter exotic creatures, discover powerful items, and engage in complex automation and technology systems. These mods can range from simple additions to elaborate overhaul mods that transform the entire Minecraft experience.


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Rank Name Server Players Status

AnubisMC - The Premier Minecraft Network! Providing amazing custom game modes with Pixelmon Reforged and Survival! Come play our network and join our YouTube personalities on their adventures alongside 09SharkBoy, ItsMooseCraft, and more of our regularly scheduled partners! Our active respectfu...


PokWild is a Non-Modded Pokmon Survival Gamemode with tons of unique features! - Completely Vanilla, No Mods Needed! - Pokmon Generations 1 through 3! - Custom Crafting! - Unique Claim System! IP Address: Website: Discord: Stor...


We host gamemodes Skyblock Vanilla Creative Modded And Minigames: Paintball Mlg rush Bedwars KitPvP

148CyanDeserts RLCraft 2.8.2

Welcome to CyanDesertsRL a RLcraft serverServer. Our goal is to create a community of players, that love Modded minecraft and care for one another. now for some reason this server list wants the description to be at least 100 characters long

217Diamond Games Network

Diamond Games Network. Our Server Objective Our objective is to make a fun server where you can play multiple gamemodes without getting any major perks and still being eula compliant. This is also the official server for youtuber frederick amos! Our Gamemodes Diamond Games is a mix of custom game...

299Apocalyptic Gaming Mod...

AGN, founded in 2010 is a multi-server Modded/vanilla network spanning over 20+ minecraft servers. Features: - Factions (Voltz Only) - GriefPrevention (Custom Made) - Towny - Economy/Shops/Rewards (Custom Plugin) - Kits/Keys/Crates/Vote Rewards (Custom Plugin) - Dozens of worlds to explore! - Bun...


We are a family friendly server that currently offers a lobby, survival and creative with Minigames, a Modded SkyBlock and Discord. Our community was created from a group of admins and staff from TownCraft. All players are considered Ohana/Family where no one gets left behind. We believe in creat...


Pixelmon, Skyfactory 3, Direwolf20 1.10.2 Server Play the latest Pixelmon, SkyFactory and Direwolf20 on, a big Modded minecraft network which has been around since 2012.


Modpacks: Tekkit Legends (v1.1.1) | The 1.12.2 Pack (v1.3.7) | Omnifactory (v1.2.2) Hub IP: Tekkit Legends IP: The 1.12.2 Pack IP: Omnifactory IP: Website: Discord: Why Choose SiriusMC? S...


#1 Minecraft Modded Pixelmon Server Join us on our new, fresh map! We reset on July 1st. Enjoy plenty space to build! Install Pixelmon and connect easily using our Technic Modpack! Download Pixelmon Here: Need Support? Join our Partnered Discord: https://discord....


PixGrove is a community driven server focused on non-competitive, survival multiplayer gameplay experience. We offer a semi-anarchy survival feel with land-claim: Our intent is to have players not be restricted when building, raiding or looting unclaimed land while prohibiting cheating or hacking...

727Project Wonder

Project Wonder is a family friendly server with next games available: - Skyblock Aquatic - Skyblock - Survival Aquatic - Survival with Slimefun Lucky Blocks extensions. Slimefun basically makes the server Modded, but there's no mods required. There's over 300 new items from drinks, to m...


Welcome to GospelCraft is a chill roleplay server, with 66 books of content from the Bible to be added as storyline! There are many plugins to make your semi-vanilla survival seem almost like Modded, but without needing to install any mods. Explore a map of the actual planet Earth...


WorldOfRails Hello users ! We offer you: -An active community and a unique invitations system. - Minecraft Modded Server - Ticket system - Version of Discord: V1 - Recruitment: ON - Discord: - MORE INFO IN THE DISCORD!!!


This is a Modded 1.9 - 1.18.2 vanilla server for Modded vanilla people. The server features a buy and sell based item economy with the ability to purchase in game custom items and kit upgrades! The server also features a creative test world for players that wish to test out their builds in creati...

851Fun Square Games

Enjoy fun, magic, tech and adventure with our refreshing custom unique PVE and PVP servers, with our fast growing community, friendly staff and players. We have helpful voting rewards and more! Come show our Modded servers some love. Our servers have: - 20 TPS - 99% Uptime - Lag Free Servers with...

899Gearhex MC

A server you will love, with features for all: Gearhex MC is a unique and friendly 24/7 community server network for Minecraft: Java Edition, featuring Survival Adventure with quests, RPG, No Griefing with land-claim, survival, games, and events, mergeable/expandable Creative Plots with WorldEdit...

951SORB Vilous

SORB Vilous 1.12.2 This server features a tech-enriched sci-fi themed Modded experience in vanilla Minecraft. We have protective rules, great staff, a great community, lots of planets to travel to, factions to join, and a lot more. We are part of the SORB community ( We've been op...

969Blue Hats Pit

!!! IMPORTANT !!! U must join by putting: "" in your server IP! !!! IMPORTANT !!! Blue Hats Pit is a recreation of the popular kitpvp style minigame: The Pit! With mystical items that give you crazy powers this is easily one of the best servers for Minecraft! Constant upd...

976New Austrian Minecraft

New Austrian Minecraft! We like it simple. Our server will feature a PVP Freebuild world with Factions and other simple plugins and it won't be a overModded server like other big servers. Special thanks to: PotatoOwner and his server, Most Craft for the inspiration (most awesome server i'...


Modded servers often feature modpacks, which are collections of mods curated by the server administrators or players themselves. Modpacks streamline the installation process by bundling the required mods and providing a cohesive and balanced gameplay experience. Players can choose from a variety of modpacks, each offering a distinct theme or focus, such as magic, technology, exploration, or even specific mod showcases.

One of the advantages of modded Minecraft servers is the ability to explore and interact with a rich and diverse player-created content ecosystem. Modders continuously develop and update mods, expanding the possibilities for gameplay and fostering a vibrant community around modded Minecraft.

When joining a modded Minecraft server, players need to ensure that they have the necessary mods installed and that their versions match those required by the server. Some servers may have specific modpacks or a list of recommended mods, while others might require players to install individual mods or a custom modpack.

Modded Minecraft servers provide an exciting alternative to the vanilla Minecraft experience, offering a wealth of custom features and gameplay enhancements. By embracing mods, these servers allow players to explore new dimensions, undertake unique challenges, and immerse themselves in a world shaped by the creativity and ingenuity of the modding community.