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Find new Minecraft Servers on our server list. New Minecraft servers listed here were recently added to the list and can include brand new servers as well as established servers that were not listed before. Most of the new Minecraft servers are looking for staff if they were just released.

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New server was added 1 month ago. Survival with GriefPrevention and McMMO, SkyBlock with IS TOP, Factions McMMO, raiding, FTOP, Generators and more, Creative huge plots and more - 24/7, LAG-FREE!

2659OwO WorldOwO World

New server OwO World was added 1 month ago. A danish/english server, with survival as the core focus, but with awesome plugins such as MCmmo, economy, chestshop and a custom RPG plugin, with custom enchants, custom races and custom weapons! Here y...


New server Modesty was added 1 month ago. Want a peaceful server where you can build with your friends? Or, do you prefer to play survival with a few minigames? Modesty has it all! Modesty has multiple worlds to explore. The world is a non-griefin...


New server OpenWorld was added 1 month ago. Friendly server community with survival, claims and mini-games. Everyone gets a long and there is no griefing or anything like that. You can claim land to be sure. Come join and play survival with your f...

2643Superflat SurvivalSuperflat Survival

New server Superflat Survival was added 1 month ago. 1.15.2 Superflat Survival This server is just a superflat world with no structures. There are trees because we started with 1 sapling but everything else you pretty much have to get from mob dro...

1191Mango NetworkMango Network

New server Mango Network was added 1 month ago. Mango Network | 1.15.2 Enhanced Vanilla Survival We offer an enhanced survival experience powered by a lag-free server, strong anti-cheat, and community-driven staff team. - Land Claim - Player Shops...

642OG PrisonOG Prison

New server OG Prison was added 1 month ago. Yes! Its the old OG prison server you used to play on back in 2014! Come on and re-live those old memories! Claim a plot! Play a minigame! OG is now updated to the most current version of Minecraft!


New server CrystalVoid was added 1 month ago. Custom plots, rank mines, Ticket support on the discord, Vote support, Cool giveaways (minecraft accounts) and suggestions join today!!


New server Scrubcraft was added 1 month ago. A Server full of Overwatch players. Survival sandbox Modtown is protected, build whatever wherever.


New server CCPvP was added 1 month ago. Welcome to ClassicCreeperPvP! We are a basic, English / German, Survival / PVP server with slight vanilla tweaks, like essential commands such as /sethome, /tpa, etc. We also have a shop location that can be...


New server ChickenNetwork was added 1 month ago. ChickenNetwork heeft een unieke fake minetopia waar startersbanen en nog veel meer in game is. Kom zeker een kijkje nemen op onze server.


New server SerenityRealm was added 1 month ago. SerenityRealm We're a team of dedicated individuals who aspire to give you the best experience of Minecraft survival possible. SerenityRealm is a family-friendly community with no tolerance for t...


New server GCPvP was added 1 month ago. Thanks for taking the time to read this server post! GCPVP has been around since 2012.We operate a PvP server with ideas derived from the community that powers us.The general concept is for everything we do ...


New server BeeCraft was added 1 month ago. A small, brand new factions server! Contains PvP, Kits and Crates. Join us to have fun and make friends!

488Gumby SurvivalGumby Survival

New server Gumby Survival was added 1 month ago. A small mostly friendly survival server looking for some more factions to compete with! Very active discord! Praise Gumby!

1464G-Craft TownyG-Craft Towny

New server G-Craft Towny was added 1 month ago. G-Craft is a new and unique towny server with a huge array of custom features which are constantly being developed. The server is mainly known for its use of Slimefun, Economy, Crates, Towny, McMMO a...

1226Leafcraft Factions PvpLeafcraft Factions Pvp

New server Leafcraft Factions Pvp was added 1 month ago. SUPER FUN PVP FACTIONS SERVER on 1.15.2!!!! INVITE ANYONE YOU WANT!! This is a vanilla server with factions and pvp and a ton of fun!

1705Pixelmon GalaxyPixelmon Galaxy

New server Pixelmon Galaxy was added 1 month ago. Hello Pokemon Trainers, welcome to Pixelmon Galaxy. - 5x Spawning - Active Economy - Gyms - Elite 4 - 12 Custom Built Towns - Pets - Regular Events - Drop Parties - Build Protection - Crates - Trad...

2594MFC NetworkMFC Network

New server MFC Network was added 1 month ago. IP: | Discord: Need a reliable server for you and your friends? We offer 100% UPTIME! The MFC network is a small but growing server with a fun and friendly environm...


New server ChoiceCraft was added 1 month ago. Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: We offer a network that has something for everybody who loves Minecraft. With professionally owned and operated servers, we are always...

726Lit serverLit server

New server Lit server was added 1 month ago. This miencraft server is a small eco server. we have plugins and friendly staff. this is also a survival server. staff is also needed msut have discord and voice.

1168Anarcho NihilismAnarcho Nihilism

New server Anarcho Nihilism was added 1 month ago. Anarcho Nihilism is the new pure anarchy server, our map is over a year old. We are a pure anarchy server, this means no /tpa no /back no resets and no punishments!

2579Cave & ToolsCave & Tools

New server Cave & Tools was added 1 month ago. Cave & Tools is A Safe Hermit-Like Experience.. Here we strive to be as vanilla as possible while still giving you safety. We offer many plugins and already have a full set of staff to protect...

2573Stoneheart SMPStoneheart SMP

New server Stoneheart SMP was added 1 month ago. Stoneheart SMP is a long-term survival server built with the idea of pushing for players to build amazing creations, to work together and trade for items/resources, as well as having an amazing comm...


New server Jowland was added 1 month ago. Vanilla survival server (Hermitcraft-like) with quests, daily challenges, traders, secrets and more! Visit our webside