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SMP stands for Survival Multiplayer, these servers became more popular over the past few years as Youtubers started playing them. Not all SMP servers are the same but they're usually similar to Survival servers.

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MelonSMP is listed in SMP servers. MelonSMP community is very kind and our staff are always here for you no matter what our servers also bedrock crossplay and we have a ton of game modes without any lag! Server Are on [1.8 - 1.17] SurivivalSMP A p...


JackpotMC is listed in SMP servers. JackpotMC is a server focused on PvP game modes, with our latest game mode being Lifesteal SMP. This is a one of kind, unique SMP that allows players to steal hearts from each other. Once a player kills another,...


BlossomCraft is listed in SMP servers. Java IP: play.BlossomCraft.org Bedrock IP: play.BlossomCraft.org Port: 19132 Discord: discord.BlossomCraft.org Welcome to BlossomCraft, an excellent server known for its amazing experiences. We are a laid-bac...


ChickenCraft is listed in SMP servers. Welcome to chickencraft, Chickencraft is a Minecraft server designed from the begginning with custom content as ideal idea! We have worked countless hours to create something truly unique from your classic Mi...


PlayFuse is listed in SMP servers. PlayFuse PlayFuse is a server focus on quality. We currently provide Three gamemodes, SkyBlock, our latest gamemode. SMP that we have had for over two years and the newly opened Creative All the gamemodes have be...

130The Witch ChestThe Witch Chest

The Witch Chest is listed in SMP servers. Hello? Is it me you are looking for? What is love? Baby don't hurt me. No more. Info : - Location: Europe - Survival - SMP - Skyblock - Minigames - Dungeons - UHC

165Minecraft SMP WaraconsMinecraft SMP Waracons

Minecraft SMP Waracons is listed in SMP servers. Waracons is a SMP for Java and Bedrock, that's made for WAR... We added bounties and clans so you can expect intense fights really quickly when you start playing, there are no claims so you have...


ArkticGaming is listed in SMP servers. Awesome SMP server with a great {small for right now} community. In the process of building spawn city. Would love new members. Add myself on discord to apply! larsontk#7413 When applying fill the following q...


PrestigiousSMP is listed in SMP servers. We Are A Brand New SMP , That's Maintains The Core Value's Of Vanilla, Griefing Is Not Allowed In Any Way Shape Or Form! We Are Strictly PVE And Do Not Have Any PVP Aspects. We Are Not Pay To Win!


SMPEarth is listed in SMP servers. SMPEarth (SMPE) was originally a private, whitelisted Minecraft server, featuring a custom-generated 1:3000 scale map of the Earth. It commenced on November 2019 and exclusive to a group of selected popular Minec...

208Fortitude smpFortitude smp

Fortitude smp is listed in SMP servers. Hello and welcome to Fortitude smp. We are happy you decided to join us. We have survival, jobs, a casino, etc. Please contact staff for questions, comments, concerns or suggestions. My discord is AsteriodHa...

218Quarantine CraftQuarantine Craft

Quarantine Craft is listed in SMP servers. Social communities make the best SMP servers! Here at Quarantine Craft, we offer: -A chill, (not always) mature community, to play SMP Minecraft with -Anti-Griefing tools that allow you to claim your land...

239Banana SMPBanana SMP

Banana SMP is listed in SMP servers. Welcome to Banana SMP, a simple minecraft survival server that is whitelist enabled and always runs on the latest version its simple to join all you do is join the discord follow the application link and read t...

245Deep Sive SMPDeep Sive SMP

Deep Sive SMP is listed in SMP servers. Deep Dive SMP is a chill public survival server with easy grief-protection and a friendly community! The server was made by a group of three friends that were bored and wanted to play survival multiplayer wi...

246IceAntixx SMPIceAntixx SMP

IceAntixx SMP is listed in SMP servers. So this a normal SMP (survival multiplayer) where basically you are free to do anything but exploit/cheat, or anything that gives an unfair advantage. Also, don't be a jerk and lava cast spawn. But besid...

249Crafted SurvivalCrafted Survival

Crafted Survival is listed in SMP servers. A friendly SMP towny survival server based on the community, friends and fun! We hope you will find your new favorite server! Come and play and see!

256Reloaded SMP 18 Plus W...Reloaded SMP 18 Plus Whitelist New

Reloaded SMP 18 Plus Whitelist New is listed in SMP servers. This SMP is designed to closely replicate the Hermitcraft SMP YouTube series. We strive to achieve a fun community for all. This server is for 18+ The age limit is designed to keep a com...


Shipwreck is listed in SMP servers. Shipwreck is a fun server where you can play with your friends and do whatever you want! We are a private SMP meaning there is no greifing.

319Glitch SMPGlitch SMP

Glitch SMP is listed in SMP servers. This will be your favorite, simple, and easy to navigate SMP server. We offer easy teleportation, easy warps, and a 300+ giant item shop!

368AuroraCraft VanillaAuroraCraft Vanilla

AuroraCraft Vanilla is listed in SMP servers. Hello Im Jasper and I am formally inviting you to one of the best Minecraft servers on the RISE! *you are essential to the rise* Aurora Craft is Java and Bedrock compatible! Towny/SMP/Creative IP: Vani...


SerialFlame is listed in SMP servers. Welcome to the SerialFlame minecraft server! With original ideas, custom plugins and many game-modes including: Factions, SMP, Sky-block, PorkPieCo, Roleplay (Work in progress) and Mini-games. This server is a...

405Sky BoundSky Bound

Sky Bound is listed in SMP servers. Sky Bound SMP We are a new server seeking dedicated players, builders, and content creators. We are friendly, community-focused server. Perfect for long-term Minecraft players that are looking for a new home. Jo...

423Sohaib SMPSohaib SMP

Sohaib SMP is listed in SMP servers. Sohaib SMP IS A CRACKED SURVIVAL MULTIPLAYE WE HAVE: ranks crates shop quests mcmmo ultimate survival Voting for Rewards custom plugins mines and much more join now and you will love it Discord: https://dsc.gg/...


Axeon is listed in SMP servers. Axeon is a family friendly server created with the goal of providing a unique and amazing experience. Features: FREE Flight, Unique Quests, Custom Minigames, Creative, SMP, Survival World, PvE, PvP Zone, Economy...a...


InstinctSMP is listed in SMP servers. Instinct SMP is a Minecraft survival server where you are allowed to grief and raid bases, whilst hacking and cheating aren't allowed. Check us out today! :)


How can I pick the Best Minecraft SMP Servers?

Choosing Minecraft SMP server can be very challenging since it depends on what kind of server you are looking for. When it comes to Minecraft one of the most important factors to a great Minecraft server is an active community and player base. Here you can find top SMP servers with information such as the number of players connected and a number of votes, to help you choose the right SMP Minecraft server.