Minecraft PvP Servers

Minecraft servers labeled as PVP (Player vs Player) create an environment where players can engage in combat with each other. These servers have PVP enabled, meaning that players are free to attack and engage in battles with other players.

On PVP servers, players can challenge each other, form factions or teams, and participate in various PVP-oriented game modes. Whether it's engaging in one-on-one duels, large-scale battles, or strategic team-based gameplay, PVP servers offer a competitive and adrenaline-filled experience for players who enjoy combat.

It's important to note that on most PVP servers, the risk of losing items exists. If a player loses a fight, they may also lose their inventory, which adds an extra level of intensity and risk to PVP encounters. However, it's worth checking if the server has the "keep inventory" feature enabled, as this would allow players to retain their items even if they are defeated in combat.

Minecraft PvP Servers List

Rank Name Server Players Status
4Minecraft Central

Welcome to Minecraft Central, the ultimate destination for Minecraft enthusiasts!With a rich history spanning back to 2013, Minecraft Central stands as one of the longest-running and most beloved Minecraft servers in existence. Our dedicated community of over 6,000,000 unique players is a testame...

6Vortex Network

Welcome to Vortex Network!Embark on an out-of-this-world adventure in our space-themed Minecraft server. We offer a diverse range of game modes to cater to every player's taste. Whether you're looking for the excitement of Prison, the challenge of Skyblock, the thrill of Survival, or the nostalgi...


Welcome to MineSuperior, the forefront of Minecraft networks, crafted with you in mind. Our server is dedicated to providing an exceptional experience for players, constantly pushing boundaries and introducing innovative ideas. With a commitment to transparency and inclusivity, MineSuperior is de...


Welcome to LemonCloud, the ultimate destination for Minecraft enthusiasts! Immerse yourself in our diverse and thrilling gamemodes that are sure to cater to every playstyle.Whether you're seeking the challenge of an OP Prison, the strategic gameplay of OP Factions, the creative freedom of Skybloc...

13HyCraft Network

HyCraft Network: Unleash Your Minecraft Adventures!Welcome to HyCraft Network, a community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of Minecraft and fostering innovation with each passing day.HyCraft stands as a premier Minecraft Java Edition network, offering a wide array of thrilling minigames withi...


Welcome to kitPvP.org, the ultimate destination for old-school PvP enthusiasts. If you're seeking that nostalgic feeling of the good old Minecraft PvP days, you've come to the right place. Our server is designed to bring back those cherished memories and provide a thrilling PvP experience that wi...

15Vanilla Legacy

Welcome to Vanilla Legacy, the ultimate destination for 1.9 Kit PvP on Minecraft!Are you ready to sharpen your skills and embrace the exciting combat changes introduced in the latest update? Look no further! At Vanilla Legacy, we provide the perfect platform for you to prepare and train yourself ...

16CubeCraft Games

Welcome to CubeCraft Games, home to one of the most expansive and thrilling Minecraft server networks in the world! With a commitment to providing the best games and endless fun for everyone, we're dedicated to making your gaming experience truly unforgettable. Our servers operate 24/7, boasting ...


Witaj na NetherStorm - najlepszym serwerze Minecraft w Polsce! Przygotuj się na niezapomnianą przygodę, pełną emocji i niesamowitych możliwości. Dołącz do naszej dynamicznej społeczności i odkryj, dlaczego jesteśmy tak wyjątkowi.Na ...


Welcome to AkumaMC, the ultimate Minecraft server experience! Immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled adventure, where the possibilities are limitless. Our server offers a thrilling combination of mind-blowing events, intense competitions, and incredible features, all accompanied by a generou...


Welcome to Librecraft, a Minecraft server that welcomes both non-premium and premium players alike! With our extensive range of game modes, including Skyblock, Skywars, Eggwars, KitPvP, and more, there's something for everyone to enjoy.But Librecraft is more than just a server—it's a close-...


Welcome to SoloLegends!Step into a warm and welcoming gaming environment and embark on an unforgettable Minecraft adventure. Join us and become part of our thriving community of players who share a passion for immersive gameplay, camaraderie, and endless excitement.At SoloLegends, we strive to cr...


Welcome to TheArchon Minecraft Server!Experience the pinnacle of gaming excellence at org.archonhq.net. Our server offers an array of incredibly high-quality and thrilling gamemodes that will keep you captivated for hours on end.Immerse yourself in the classic and beloved modes like Factions, Sky...


Welcome to DirtMC, the ultimate destination for skyblock enthusiasts! As the proud home of MrCrainer, our server offers a skyblock experience like no other, complete with an array of unique and thrilling features.Prepare to embark on an adventure filled with excitement and challenges. Engage in t...

33Kinetic Network

Welcome to the Kinetic Network, a Minecraft server that has been at the forefront of innovation and excitement for over 3 years. Our dedication to delivering exceptional gameplay experiences is evident in our custom-built modpacks, carefully crafted to offer unique adventures for our players. In ...


Welcome to JackpotMC, the ultimate PvP gaming experience! Immerse yourself in our latest game mode, Lifesteal SMP, where the stakes are high and hearts are on the line. Prepare for a truly unique and adrenaline-pumping adventure as you battle against fellow players to claim victory.Lifesteal SMP ...


Welcome to VanillaPlus - Unleash Your Minecraft Adventure!Are you ready to dive into a truly authentic Minecraft experience, enhanced with exciting features? Look no further than VanillaPlus! We offer the best of both worlds, combining the beloved vanilla gameplay with carefully selected enhancem...

40Advancius Network 🌟FRE...

JOIN FOR A FREE RANK! Tired of pay-to-win servers? Check out our 100+ FREE ranks on our 20+ gamemodes including: Factions, Prison, Skyblock, Survival, Creative Plots, Parkour, KitPvP, Dropper, 1v1s, UHC, and many custom Minigames! COMMUNITY EVENTS EVERY WEEKEND!BEDROCK EDITION PORT: 19132Advanciu...


Welcome to LoverFella Minecraft Server - Dive into Adventure!Are you ready for an aquatic survival experience like no other? Look no further than LoverFella, a vibrant Minecraft server designed to ignite your imagination and provide endless opportunities for exploration and fun. Join our communit...

47MineBox Network

¡Bienvenido a MineBox Network!Somos una red de servidores en español que ofrece una experiencia de juego de alta calidad para jugadores NoPremium. Aquí podrás disfrutar junto a tus amigos en nuestras diversas modalidades:Survival: Sumérgete en un desafiante mundo...


¡Bienvenido a DuckCraft!Somos un servidor de Minecraft no premium que ofrece una amplia variedad de modalidades para que disfrutes al máximo. Nuestro equipo de staff está altamente comprometido y siempre está disponible para brindarte una experiencia de juego excepciona...

50Blurkit Network

Welcome to Blurkit Network - Where Entertainment and Fun Collide!Blurkit Network is a vibrant and dynamic Minecraft community that is dedicated to providing you with unforgettable moments and enjoyable experiences on our servers. We have crafted a network specifically designed to cater to the nee...

51ZoneCraft Network

Welcome to ZoneCraft Network, your gateway to a world of endless fun and unique game modes! We pride ourselves on hosting exhilarating experiences that will keep you entertained for hours on end. Get ready to dive into a realm where excitement knows no bounds!Experience the thrill of combat witho...

52Rede Revo

Bem-vindos à Rede Revo, o destino definitivo para uma experiência de servidor Minecraft incomparável. Aceitamos jogadores desde a versão 1.8 até a 1.18, garantindo que todos possam aproveitar ao máximo nossa ampla gama de recursos e possibilidades.Em nosso...

53Luvicraft Network

Welcome to Luvicraft Network!Step into a world of limitless possibilities and adventure. At Luvicraft Network, we are constantly evolving and adding exciting new features to enhance your Minecraft experience. Our dedicated team is committed to bringing you a unique and engaging gameplay that will...


To thrive on PVP servers, players often need to develop their combat skills, strategic thinking, and resource management abilities. This includes obtaining powerful weapons, armor, and other equipment through various means such as crafting, trading, or looting from defeated opponents.

Some PVP servers may offer additional features and game modes to enhance the PVP experience. This can include faction-based warfare, capture-the-flag, mini-games, or even custom arenas designed specifically for intense player battles.

It's important to keep in mind that PVP servers may have specific rules and guidelines to ensure fair play and an enjoyable experience for all participants. These rules could include restrictions on cheating, hacking, or exploiting game mechanics. Familiarizing yourself with the server's rules and respecting them helps to maintain a positive and competitive environment for all players.

PVP servers are ideal for players who seek an exciting and challenging Minecraft experience where they can put their combat skills to the test against other skilled players. Whether it's engaging in fierce duels, joining epic battles, or conquering territories, PVP servers provide a platform for players to showcase their prowess in player combat.