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With so many fun Minecraft servers to choose from, which server is the one to focus on? Do not stress, dear Minecraft players, for we have listed the most fun Minecraft servers on the internet, and you can join them now.

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220Daedric Gaming

Daedric Gaming is listed in Fun servers. Come and join the Daedric gaming crew and have fun on our new server, it is OP (Over Powered) PVP so beware

223Legacy Lands

Legacy Lands is listed in Fun servers. 1.16.5 semi vanilla server! We have a great community with lots of fun to be had. The server has multiple worlds for different playing styles; - economy survival (Land claims, mcmmo, chestshops and more) -mob...


KTcraft is listed in Fun servers. Join now! KTcraft. a nice minecraft server with skywars skyblock survival and more! parkour crates custom items hub minigames! Join the fun.


teozcommunity is listed in Fun servers. fun server for u to build

252Project Coral

Project Coral is listed in Fun servers. We are a new and upcoming Towny survival server. Nineteen different ranks to attain, various job perks for leveling up, custom enchants, and more! Join and have fun today!

253Kingdom Server

Kingdom Server is listed in Fun servers. Welcome to Land of Empires, build your kingdom and fight with others. We have a custom map with custom mines and villages. Join the server and have fun! In total there are 6 Kingdoms you can chose out of. j...

254B-Zone Minecraft Server

B-Zone Minecraft Server is listed in Fun servers. Hello everybody, Are you in searching of a Survival RPG Minecraft server, SkyBlocks, Mini-Games or Survival Games server with no lag, a serious and mature staff? The solution is B-Zone Minecraft Su...


Runic-Network is listed in Fun servers. Runic-Network, We offer free to use TARDISes, Towny, Countrys, Slimefun and More. We have a friendly community and more to offer. You can create a tardis and travel through time and space, slimefun to make b...


TheaLater is listed in Fun servers. This is a welcoming cottage core server with a discord. Its super fun and vanilla. We have lots of shops to buy stuff and everywhere you go you will see cute builds. Come join :)


Eden is listed in Fun servers. Welcome to Eden! Were a PvE-focussed semi-vanilla survival Minecraft server with some custom twists. We offer players a challenging game but also fun. Our economy is focused on points not money, so a custom-crafted g...


PickleCraft is listed in Fun servers. This text is currently being updated to something more inviting to players :) In the mean time, here's a brief about the server: PickleCraft is a relatively old name these days and has been operating on an...


Mineteria is listed in Fun servers. Mineteria is a fun roleplay server that offers players the ability to engage with their friends in a tightly knit community.

288Defcon Movecraft war f...

Defcon Movecraft war factions is listed in Fun servers. DISCORD DEFCON Stake Your Claim The world of DEFCON is yours for the taking! Recruit some friends and organize your own country on a map of earth. Rule a country of...

297The Maze Runner - Cake...

The Maze Runner - CakeCraft Network is listed in Fun servers. Make sure that if youre in the maze to get back before nightfall! Otherwise, the gates will close, and you will be stuck in the maze overnight! WARNING: Our custom-made Grievers are ha...

301No BS Hybrid Multiworld

No BS Hybrid Multiworld is listed in Fun servers. This is a No BS approach to MC server hosting. There is no pay to win and you can obtain everything in game. This server is all about fun factor and meeting other great like minded people and havin...

306EU SMP -...

EU SMP - Slimefun is listed in Fun servers. Just a random small minecraft server run by side for fun, hosted in germany on a pretty good dedicated machine, we have a normal survival world and slimefun :D Rules: 1 No Griefing. 2 No St...

313Valerian Factions

Valerian Factions is listed in Fun servers. Valeria is a new factions server built with the best plugins to provide players with a clean, competitive and fun factions experience. Create your own faction and raid other bases to stay on the top. Val...

0/150online is listed in Fun servers. - Der Server mit Verdienstfaktor - Creative, MCMMO, MiniGames, Jump and Run, Skyblock, Survival, Towny, Craftbook, Parkour

320Art Union

Art Union is listed in Fun servers. Art Union is the new Minecraft server focused on art and other things. We have survival server, creative server, claims, economy, weekly events and challenges that are very interesting! Join the fun! Our preferr...


Cyber_Land is listed in Fun servers. Join our CRACKED Minecraft Network to try one of our gamemodes available, to play with others, to see new stuff and mostly to have fun! What are you waiting for? Join our Network or Discord Server at http://cyb...


Parkourcraft is listed in Fun servers. Parkourcraft is an pvp/parkour/minigames server where the comunety is pretty toxic bur og u buy a Rank u can /mute (player) have fun! :)


TheLegendContinues is listed in Fun servers. Key Features: - Survival gameplay - Friendly, helpful community - Responsible and fully trained Staff - Community events Main Server Rules: - Be Smart, Be Nice, Be Respectful, Be Mature - Dont Grief or ...

335Coffey MineCraft

Coffey MineCraft is listed in Fun servers. Fun PVE, no Grief, survival server. Visit the web site at: (Build in process) Come join the fun! And some fun with Dogs. -Coffey


YolkCraft is listed in Fun servers. A 1.17.1 Survival Mythical Towny Server With A Range Of Modified And Custom Elements That Create Allow You A Unique Experience. Come And Join For A Fun Towny Experience. Events On The Weekends.


CapeCraft is listed in Fun servers. CapeCraft is a server dedicated to keeping Minecraft's core aspect alive. We are a survival server where you'll be encouraged to work, trade and share with other players. CapeCraft is a survival server w...


How can I pick the Best Minecraft Fun Servers?

Choosing Minecraft Fun server can be very challenging since it depends on what kind of server you are looking for. When it comes to Minecraft one of the most important factors to a great Minecraft server is an active community and player base. Here you can find top Fun servers with information such as the number of players connected and a number of votes, to help you choose the right Fun Minecraft server.