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Top Minecraft 1.7.10 servers, find the best Minecraft servers running 1.7.10 . Some 1.7.10 Minecraft Servers support multiple versions of Minecraft, but generally best to match your Minecraft version with the one server is running.

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365Legends of Middle-earth

Legends of Middle earth is a Lord of the rings mod server. The time line is set in the new age, about 320 years after the fall of Sauron. A new Shadow has returned to Middle earth, and in response a new Generation of elves returned to middle earth to aid there ancient allies in whats comming. We ...


NEW FACTIONS SERVER LOOKING TO EXPAND OVER TIME (Sabre factions by Driftay) FACTION UPGRADES (increased damage on land, increased protection on land, faction chest, faction warps etc) FACTION POINTS SHOP IN PROGRESS NEW TNT BANK FACTION MISSIONS (mine sugarcane, enchant 100 items etc) CLAIM LAND ...

739Bedrock Raid

New server so not much of a player base as of yet, but hopefully with a bit of luck (and a few donations) we'll be able to upgrade and expand in order to reach as many players as possible. :D Griefing, raiding and PvP are all allowed.