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Top Minecraft 1.14.4 servers, find the best Minecraft servers running 1.14.4. Some 1.14.4 Minecraft Servers support multiple versions of Minecraft, but generally best to match your Minecraft version with the one server is running.

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Rank Name Server Players Status
124Tier II Pixelmon Server

Come join us for a great time on Pixelmon! Technic Pack Link: http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/tier-2-server-pixelmon * Great Community and Staff * Grief Prevention * Nations * Fair Gameplay and Rules * 1.10.2 * Pixelmon Reborn


Enova provides a different Minecraft experience than the typical server. We believe in letting players build more than just the blocks that make up their world, but also their very society. Make a living running a large company, become the leader of a nation, or live life as a lonely bandit along...

405MC Badlands

Sign up at mcb.docithe.net! Primarily, we are a survival server. We have several plugins that build upon and improve the survival experience! We have a fantastic, welcoming environment that's been going strong for years! This isn't just a big group of random people that play Minecraft on ...


TimGaming is a free-build survival server with protections that has existed since February of 2011, with its own website, forums, dynamic map, and mature, active staff members. We have a bustling community, state-of-the-art magical transportation system, and a thriving dynamic economy, with price...


Join a family friendly network community for fun and games online! We have a wide variety of activities for our players to do, Mini-games, Creative Plots, Worlds, Showcase, and much more! Our server has had a lot of work put into it for our players to have the best in-game experiences, we've ...

555Latin Crafters

Servidor No premium para usuarios latinos amantes del survival clsico y el PVP de torneo. Por el momento esta en desarrollo y esperamos que futuros usuarios guen el camino del servidor.

584Sverrecraft vanilla

This server is a vanilla server (it is bukkit because i need a control panel that need a bukkit plugin but it is no commands like spawn and warp so it feel like it is vanilla) You can explore as far as you want and there is no limits in what you can do, the only limits is the limits built in to v...


Welcome to MultiCraft! A server of all kinds, with Creative, SkyBlock, Factions, WitherSurvival (Only found on MultiCraft!) and many many more things to play! Join now, we also need staff after our IP change!! We welcome you, to MultiCraft. --------------------------------------------------------...


Dancraft is the ultimate server network. Credits, synced balances, daily crates, awesome minigames and a structured economy are just a few of our epic features. Our servers currently consist of: - Factions - Skyblock - Prison - KitPVP - Ulti - SkyWars - Hunger Games - DanGames - UHC See you soon!


A free friendly minecraft server; no donation requests, no registration - simple clean fun. plugins are askyblock, Backpacks-0.1.3, BarAPI, BedHome, BowSpleef, Chairs, ChestShop, Clearlag, ClockworkPlanter, ColoredSigns, CraftArrows, CreeperHeal-6.8.1, Easybaguette, EnchantedCustoms, EnjinMinecra...

926Simply Survival

Simply Survival is just what it sounds like, a vanilla survival server! Server IP: Application Link: https://goo.gl/forms/Uoi6muaMKurSqXkV2 You can join our server but you will be unable to play until your application has been approved. We have an application process to ensur...

960MCNSA Vanilla

MCNSA is a great community that has lasted over 4 years. Player vs. Environment, no griefing allowed. Claims, ranks, custom chat.


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