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Top Minecraft 1.12.2 servers, find the best Minecraft servers running 1.12.2. Some 1.12.2 Minecraft Servers support multiple versions of Minecraft, but generally best to match your Minecraft version with the one server is running.

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82FTB StoneBlock2 by Cra...

FTB StoneBlock2 by CraftersLand is running Minecraft 1.12.2. Website: www.craftersland.net | Forum: forum.craftersland.net Server address: sb2.craftersland.net Server Info: Grief Prevention claim system Economy - Server Shops, Market and Au...

94Dungeons Dragons and S...

Dungeons Dragons and Space Shuttles is running Minecraft 1.12.2. Website: www.craftersland.net | Forum: forum.craftersland.net Server address: ddss.craftersland.net Server Info: Grief Prevention land claim system. Economy - Server Shops, Ma...


ExistanceNetwork is running Minecraft 1.12.2. We are a new network launching with our first and primary gamemode as factions! I am excited to see new players join and expand with us! Thank you to those who will join and support us as we make our j...

191Solar Gaming Factions

Solar Gaming Factions is running Minecraft 1.12.2. Solar Gaming Is A Minecraft Factions Server Just Starting Out With One Goal. To Make A High Quality Community For All Players!

213Sakura Island

Sakura Island is running Minecraft 1.12.2. -=SAKURA ISLAND=- Sakura Island is a new skyblock server that opened to the public on July 14th, 2019. With the ultimate goal of offering a revised and updated skyblock experience for you and everyone els...

235OP Pixelmon Reforged

OP Pixelmon Reforged is running Minecraft 1.12.2. *Why do players choose us?* Free /Pokeheal command New Players start with Shiny Starter + Choose an additional 2nd Shiny Pokemon! Claim Wild Boss Towers Double Legendary or Shiny Spawn Rates every ...

286BCraft Naruto

BCraft Naruto is running Minecraft 1.12.2. BCRAFT NARUTO is a Naruto themed server with epic jutsu, events, and an open-world. You can strive to create peace in the ninja world or to force it into ruin! Join to take part in classic events from the...

297Yeoboseyo Craft

Yeoboseyo Craft is running Minecraft 1.12.2. Yeoboseyo; An Oceanic Survival Minecraft Server * Lots of landmarks to explore. * Grief protection, inventory protection, and Discord. * Small mature, easy going, and respectful community. * You don'...


PokeVanilla is running Minecraft 1.12.2. Do any of you miss the old days of Pixelmon? No spawning in with everything handed to you on a silver platter. Do you miss the real grind of Pixelmon... I certainly do. I have been searching for a server th...

315Valerian Factions

Valerian Factions is running Minecraft 1.12.2. Valeria is a new factions server built with the best plugins to provide players with a clean, competitive and fun factions experience. Create your own faction and raid other bases to stay on the top. ...


NitroSauceCraft is running Minecraft 1.12.2. Hey Everybody! Join my new server i'm the owner hotdog8081 I am looking for loyal knowledgeable staff members and will be starting a faction/pvp server I have a lot of work ahead and would appreciat...

440Community Server

Community Server is running Minecraft 1.12.2. Just a fun community server. Mostly vanilla with essentials for everyone and some extras for mods and admins. Currently looking for a new mod.


StargateMC is running Minecraft 1.12.2. StargateMC.com is a Survival Canon-ish server that focuses around the Stargate Universe. Players can visit up to 25,000 worlds via Advanced Rocketry FTL Ships or Stargate! When you login, you can deal with S...


10b10t is running Minecraft 1.12.2. 10builders10tools is a minecraft server that promises its players semi-vanilla survival gameplay with PVP, a never ending world and no rules. There is some exceptions for example, effecting the server's perf...

502The Meeptastic Network

The Meeptastic Network is running Minecraft 1.12.2. Come join the Meeptastic Network! We have plenty of fun things to do and we are a friendly community! Update 2/7/16 Made a Build Battle arena in the creative plots world! Update 2/8/16 Added scri...

507Choccy Pixelmon

Choccy Pixelmon is running Minecraft 1.12.2. Choccy Pixelmon - Pixelmon Reforged 8.3.0 YOU NEED THE MODPACK TO JOIN THE SERVER! - Technic: https://tinyurl.com/choccymodpack - Curseforge: https://tinyurl.com/choccypixelmoncurseforge - Server IP: ch...

511Jadua Studios Server

Jadua Studios Server is running Minecraft 1.12.2. The official Jadua Minecraft Server. That is a great place to have fun with your friends! This is server is made by JBN2015 and Unbry! Server up and running 24/7

544Nightshade Pixelmon

Nightshade Pixelmon is running Minecraft 1.12.2. About Us: Nightshade Pixelmon is a survival pixelmon server that is just beginning. We have a great group of staffers that are willing to help you and a wide open map for you to explore. We are surv...


KIngdom is running Minecraft 1.12.2. KIngdom server, 2 rivaliserende kingdoms , strijdend naar vrede, help jij ons met het vrede? word jij de nieuwe koning van een nog onverkendt stuk land? Versie?: 1.13

556PokeParadise Pixelmon

PokeParadise Pixelmon is running Minecraft 1.12.2. Put any move on any pokemon. That's right. It's gonna get a little crazy. Come join us! IP: play.pokeparadise.us Discord: https://discord.gg/vThY7n2

557ITQ Community

ITQ Community is running Minecraft 1.12.2. An english server with a good community, We are always updating to the newest versions of minecraft. -Currently on version 1.15.2 -Good and active staff -still under developing

558Pixelmon Un-Linked

Pixelmon Un-Linked is running Minecraft 1.12.2. HOW TO PLAY PIXELMON: https://www.un-linked.com/install IP: pixel.un-linked.com Like a really good pixelmon server to play at. Really.


EquestriCraft is running Minecraft 1.12.2. Welcome to the Minecraft EquestriCraft server! This server is a fun horse roleplay server, and is home to lots of skilled and fast horses. Everyone on here treats everyone with respect and perseveres to b...

568Hallowed Fantasy

Hallowed Fantasy is running Minecraft 1.12.2. Hallowed Fantasy is a competitive-based Pixelmon server, bringing you fierce Gym Battles, exciting weekly Tournaments, a friendly community, custom textured Pixelmon, weekly events, and much more! Comp...

578The Fallen Chronicle

The Fallen Chronicle is running Minecraft 1.12.2. "Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind." The Fallen Chronicle is a hardcore roleplaying experience that focuses on individual character development and freedom of roleplay. It ...