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Top Minecraft 1.19 servers, find the best Minecraft servers running 1.19. Some 1.19 Minecraft Servers support multiple versions of Minecraft, but generally best to match your Minecraft version with the one server is running.

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-DESCRIPCION GENERAL: -NO PREMIUM - GRATIS! RAREITEMHUNTER,SLIMEFUN:(ElectricSpawners, SensibleToolbox, ExoticGarden, SlimeXpansion) -DANGEON DE VERDAD con elytras y dragon! aquí lo podréis MATAR!! -NETHER DE VERDAD cada día una aventura con whiter. -PLUGINS: HiveJumpPads, InvAbf, BarAPI, objabf,...

1075Pure Server

Survival/PvP/Shop/Bosses/Custom enchantments/Plots/Nether,End/...

1080Hikayat Towny Server

Do you watch Minecraft Civilization videos and want to join one that is long-term instead of a one-time thing? Are you looking for a 1.19 server that focuses on worldbuilding through wars, alliances, and trade? Join our Towny server today and be its first storytellers!  What is Towny? Towny is w...

1112Fluorite SMP

Minecraft Survival 1.19 FluoriteSMP is a brand new semi-vanilla SMP. This means we opened our server in July 2022. We have some plugins such as TamableFoxes, MarriageMaster and GriefPrevention to make your experience better. On FluoriteSMP griefing is not allowed and keepinventory is on! The econ...