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Top Minecraft 1.19.2 servers, find the best Minecraft servers running 1.19.2. Some 1.19.2 Minecraft Servers support multiple versions of Minecraft, but generally best to match your Minecraft version with the one server is running.

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Semi Vanilla survival with cool features.


Relaunch of the legendary semi-vanilla server! GRIEFING & RAIDING! SETHOMES & TPA! VOTING REWARDS! (No claims, economy, map resets, or hacking) SEMI-VANILLA at its PURIST.

760Xironite Towny [1.19 –...

Xironite Minecraft Server [1.19 – 1.19.2] Xironite is a server dedicated to interacting with our community through hosting events and listening to player feedback! Our main feature is Towny! Towny gives our players a chance to work together and try to make the largest town while recruiting more p...

861Iron Haven Prison

Iron Haven Prison is a brand new prison server with tons of custom recipes and items! there is a ton of content to choose from farming crops, farming mobs, pve content, fishing, and pvp the server is heavily inspired from hypixel skyblock. Season 1 battlepass has started along with it comes a far...