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Find Minecraft Servers hosted in Malaysia. Server location can affect your ping, the closer the server host is to you, the lower your ping will be. If you're from Malaysia you will have the best ping on servers hosted in Malaysia. There are 3 servers hosted in Malaysia.

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Welcome to the GravityCraft MC Server! We have 2 Servers for you: + Ultimate Faction Survival Server Simple Factions server but with Boss Mob and Uniquely Exotic Items you can find in the Overworld. Recommended for new player who have joined MC for first time. Very active Owner and Staff, Have fu...


Hello! We are a small community server that tries to keep the experience close to vanilla with just a handful of QoL features. Our players usually focus on making great builds, participating in PvP events, and trading in our hermitcraft-style player-driven economy. Anyone can join and explore, bu...

1028Hikayat Towny Server

Do you watch Minecraft Civilization videos and want to join one that is long-term instead of a one-time thing? Are you looking for a 1.19 server that focuses on worldbuilding through wars, alliances, and trade? Join our Towny server today and be its first storytellers!  What is Towny? Towny is w...