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Find Minecraft Servers hosted in Belgium. Server location can affect your ping, the closer the server host is to you, the lower your ping will be. If you're from Belgium you will have the best ping on servers hosted in Belgium. There are 4 servers hosted in Belgium.

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Rank Name Server Players Status
187GN Server

Hey , This server has some plugins installed, backpack plugin , grief prevention plugin , dynmap. The server as an ingame Economy . You can buy/sell items with /shop You can visit dynmap on . You can play as you like. Claim land by using a stone shovel. For evry hour play...


Welcome to Satanic, a factions server ran by non-abusive admins! We run monthly large events, and weekly small events. Come join the fun, and don't let them kill harambe!


THis is a new fresh server, we need players so we can build up our server too, thisis medival themed server and IT has factions and susch . hope you like it !


KIngdom server, 2 rivaliserende kingdoms , strijdend naar vrede, help jij ons met het vrede? word jij de nieuwe koning van een nog onverkendt stuk land? Versie?: 1.13