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World Anarchy

Welcome to World Anarchy, where freedom knows no bounds!

Step into a realm where rules are left behind, and you have the power to shape your own destiny. On this server, hosted on a dedicated home-made computer, the possibilities are endless. Embrace the true essence of Minecraft as you explore, build, and interact with fellow players in a world that knows no limitations.

To join this extraordinary adventure, ensure you are in version 1.15.1. Prepare to embark on a survival journey like no other, where every decision you make counts. From constructing towering fortresses to venturing into uncharted territories, the choice is yours.

One of the unique aspects of World Anarchy is the absence of map resets. Your creations will stand the test of time, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving landscape. Witness the ebb and flow of civilizations, epic structures, and untamed nature as you become part of an ever-growing tapestry of player-generated content.

For community engagement and connection, join our dedicated subreddit at r/WorldAnarchy. Share your stories, showcase your builds, and connect with like-minded individuals who embrace the true spirit of unbridled freedom.

Prepare yourself for a thrilling journey in World Anarchy. Unleash your creativity, forge alliances, and experience the unfiltered excitement that awaits you. Join us now and discover a world where anything is possible.

World Anarchy Statistics

Where can I find the IP address for the World Anarchy Minecraft server?

To locate the IP address for the World Anarchy server, navigate to the server info section (usually located in the top left corner). There, you will find the server address that you can copy. Additionally, you may find additional details such as the Discord server, website, and more.

How do I join and play on the World Anarchy Minecraft server?

To join the World Anarchy server, begin by launching your Minecraft Launcher. Click the "Play" button to access the main menu, then select the "Multiplayer" option.

Next, click on the "Add Server" button. Paste the server address (mc.worldanarchy.org) into the "Server Address" input field and click "Done" to save the settings.

Once the server connection indicator turns green, indicating a successful connection, click "Join Server" to enter and start playing on the World Anarchy server.

Which Minecraft version is supported on the World Anarchy server?

The World Anarchy server supports Minecraft version 1.17.1. While it is possible to attempt joining with a different version, it is recommended to use the 1.17.1 Minecraft client version for optimal compatibility and gameplay experience.