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Crimson Ingot
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Crimson Ingot

You have discovered a unique and exciting Minecraft RP Server experience. Crimson Ingot is an ever changing world - where you become part of the story. There are many interesting facets that set this server apart from other PVP Style Servers - when you enter the land of Templehelm you will find a land full of Magic, Intrigue, Adventure and Deities!
Role-playing here is encouraged and rewarded - IT's a truly enjoyable and enriching experience.
The main features of this server are: Skills, NPCs, Quests Factions, Economy, Shops, Magic, Classes and More Recipes.
However some of the more interesting aspects of the server are:
Kings - Only Kings can create Factions and completely manage the finances and members.
Oracles - Another unique class to Crimson Ingot - Oracles are able to see who placed/removed blocks.
Powerful Magic - Mages and Archers have different destructive magic and arrow based on their chosen creed.
Creeds - This Server is not policed by Server Moderators - Instead the Land is watched over by six omnipotent Deities - any one of these Deities can be aligned with and you will gain particular Powers, Skills and Abilities depending on your chosen alignment - allowing each to have a unique game-changing power, including: Immunity from Monsters, Store XP in Bookshelves, Breathe Underwater, No Hunger and much more. These Deities may answer your prayers or bring their wrath down from the heavens.
Limited Rain - Thanks to the Deity Deserma - you will not have to endure too much rain.
Hidden Treasure and Spell Books - Explore the map to seek amazing riches and unique magical powers.
Shrines and Temples - Impress the Deities with your building skills to receive favour and reward.

There is much, much more - but this you will have to discover for yourself...

What is the server IP for Crimson Ingot?

The server IP address for Crimson Ingot is play.crimsoningot.net. You can copy server IP, find Discord, website and more information in the server info section.

How do I play on the Crimson Ingot Minecraft server?

Open your Minecraft launcher, then click the "Play" button and select "Multiplayer" from the menu.

Click "Add Server", paste the text play.crimsoningot.net in "Server Address" box, then hit "Done".

It usually takes a second or so, but once the connection is available, it turns green.

Now you can click on "Join Server" button to play on Crimson Ingot.

There are 3 players playing Crimson Ingot right now.

What version does Crimson Ingot server support?

Crimson Ingot supports Minecraft version 1.18.2, with some servers you can also lower versions to connect and play on the server.

Where is Crimson Ingot minecraft server hosting located?

The Crimson Ingot server is currently hosted in Australia, was last checked 5 minutes ago and has a fast connection.

Which GameModes can I play on Crimson Ingot

You can play Economy, Factions, PvP, Roleplay, Adventure GameModes on Crimson Ingot Minecraft server.