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Roleplay Minecraft servers are often modified and use custom plugins and pre-built maps to give Minecraft server a specific theme as well as implement a system or Roles. On some Roleplay servers, there are only a fixed set of roles while other servers allow you to do whatever you want.

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Rank Name Server Players Status

1.7.10 Exploration mods Transportation mods Armour and food and weapons! I will be starting fresh and build a small town with some people and then I hope to spread it out and then reach for the stars with Galacticraft


Sailable Ships, Cannons, Claims, Brewing, PvP, and lots of custom plugins set in the Golden Age of Piracy. The server was recently created, and is currently in ALPHA testing period. Lore: 1706, british empire discovers a portal going into a new dimension near the coast of Americas. Discord: disco...


Intro Timeless is a server that combines the fun of semi-vanilla minecraft and boosts it with various events and a storyline for players to follow. Here is the last event trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtHO7rwbM9o About Timeless basis itself around vanilla minecraft, but adds more conve...


Iaddithis is fast growing worldbuilding server.Want to become a traveling merchant, a farmer, a bandit or a mercenary? Or do you like to test your skills as a politician or rule over a big kingdom? Iit's all possible in our Worldbuilding RP server! Join today!

142SaucerLandia Network

Somos una Network con Complementos y configuraciones nicas. Survival ECONOMIA: 1.7.10 - 1.15.2 [BASE: 1.15.2] Supervivencia con Dinero, Kits, Recompensas, Cajas, Mejoras de Hornos, Protecciones, Trabajos, Clanes, Tienda entre jugadores, Banco, Encantantamientos personalizados, y MUCHO MS Roleplay...


SlideCraft is a community based Survival Multiplayer / Faction Like Minecraft server. There is grief prevention and PVP is on. Keep inventory is on as well.

172Minecart Rapid Transit

The MRT Server is a greylisted freebuild creative server and community for city-building and transportation enthusiasts, running since July 2012. Anyone can join as a guest and explore the server, but to gain building privileges please apply to become a member.


PvPcraft free TARDIS server survival server including TARDIS plugin and towny. Join your fellow time lords in an epic journey across space and time in the wonderful terrain pvpcraft has to offer. Journy across multiple worlds in a way you could previously only imagine.


Minecraft server that has been running since 2012. After a few name changes, we settled on Phoenix Network. We focus on a Towny based system for land protection and city creation. Fight, or collaborate to become the best!


Welcome to our Avatar Bending Server, come level through the Four Elements! NO pay to win features! Bend every element for free! You don't need any mods, just a vanilla 1.17.1 client! No hacks allowed. Several ways for all play styles! Join a town, hop in the arena, or go raid in the wild! Ma...

225The Big Dig

Welcome to The Big Dig! A Minigame/Factions server packed with features! Enjoy: - Factions! - Minigames! - Awesome community! - A 24/7 server always on the latest patch! - Vote perks! Have a pet, /jump, xp boost and even more! - Creative world! - Skylands! - And much much more!

226BCraft Naruto

BCRAFT NARUTO is a Naruto themed server with epic jutsu, events, and an open-world. You can strive to create peace in the ninja world or to force it into ruin! Join to take part in classic events from the Naruto series through an immersive and in-depth experience! Take part in missions, exams, ev...

235GamesMC.de Minecraft L...

GAMESMC.DE - Alles Erspielbar, kein PayToWin - Freies Handel System - Keine Plots, Frei Bauen - Stdte und Events - Farm-, Nether- und End-Server - 1.8- 1.18 betretbar - Freies Roleplay - Eigene Plugins - Freundliche Community Wir freuen uns dich auf GamesMC.de zutreffen!

238MCAlagaesia Public Bui...

What is MCAlagaesia? Take a look at this project on Planet Minecraft: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/the-mcalagaesia-project/ Featuring: Creative Server Factions Server MCAlagaesia (Custom Gamemode) Server Epic Community Cool Lobby Friendly Staff


We are a server of Minecraft builders! We'd love to see your creative side! We have ranks and we are a very friendly community! Come and join us in Outer Space!


Awesome features such as: 1. Purely 1.17.1 Version 2. Anti Grief/Land Claiming 3. Keep Inventory / EXP 4. Awesome Voting System and Ranks 5. Jobs and Economy 6. MCMMO 7. Bonus Top Voters Rewards 8. Awesome Crates 9. Lottery 10. Auctions 11. Shops and Player Shops 12. Custom Enchants 13. Skyblock ...

245SORB Vilous

SORB Vilous 1.12.2 This server features a tech-enriched sci-fi themed modded experience in vanilla Minecraft. We have protective rules, great staff, a great community, lots of planets to travel to, factions to join, and a lot more. We are part of the SORB community (sorbmc.com). We've been op...

249The Empire Server

This is a Minecraft city server with 2 countries! The capitalist Emperial and the socialist New New Ireland. You can choose how you want to live your life and do whatever you want. There is politics, guns, drugs, wars and so much great stuff to do.


Welcome to the GalaxyMC! Discord: https://discord.gg/dUX2AMZBRJ Supported MC versions: 1.8.x - 1.6.x ============================================== Game modes: - Factions - RPG


Starfall is a minecraft Roleplay server aimed at those interested in magic and fantasy based lore. Youll find yourself in a world where stars rain down from the sky full of power and wonder, where danger lurks and old civilisations have been left to crumble. There are dangerous foes and mystical ...


Nogcraft is a casual, player-guided network with community at the core. With custom features, achievements and events we'll be sure to give you a warm welcome to our community!


Welcome to the Minecraft EquestriCraft server! This server is a fun horse Roleplay server, and is home to lots of skilled and fast horses. Everyone on here treats everyone with respect and perseveres to be the best they can be in English and/or Western riding! If you enjoy horse riding well you h...


HOW TO PLAY: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/mageblox.1080765 MageBlox is a magic themed server modpack that includes several new dimensions, and thousands of new items to enjoy. Go beyond the reaches of vanilla Minecraft and immerse yourself in a new experience. We have a carefully curated s...

274Secure Heaven

Nueva modalidad, SkyRPG! 4 en 1, Survival + SkyBlock + MobArena + RPG! 1.17.1 Elige una clase, crea tu isla area, combate enemigos en mazmorras y llega al nvel mximo! Ms info en: https://www.shmc.link/skyrpg Discord: http://discord.secure-heaven.com/ Pgina Web: https://www.secure-heaven.com/ Como...

286Legends of Middle-earth

Legends of Middle earth is a Lord of the rings mod server. The time line is set in the new age, about 320 years after the fall of Sauron. A new Shadow has returned to Middle earth, and in response a new Generation of elves returned to middle earth to aid there ancient allies in whats comming. We ...


How can I pick the Best Minecraft Roleplay Servers?

Choosing Minecraft Roleplay server can be very challenging since it depends on what kind of server you are looking for. When it comes to Minecraft one of the most important factors to a great Minecraft server is an active community and player base. Here you can find top Roleplay servers with information such as the number of players connected and a number of votes, to help you choose the right Roleplay Minecraft server.