Minecraft Roleplay Servers

Roleplay Minecraft servers are often modified and use custom plugins and pre-built maps to give Minecraft server a specific theme as well as implement a system or Roles. On some Roleplay servers, there are only a fixed set of roles while other servers allow you to do whatever you want.

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SkittleMC is listed in Roleplay servers. SkittleMC is a unique survival server that you won't find anywhere else! We have many features such as free fly, marriage, adoption, an active community, and more for you to discover!


GameTopia is listed in Roleplay servers. Hoi Allemaal, GameTopia is een real life server waar je kan zijn wat je wilt zijn. word jij een heel erg gevaarlijke crimineel of een succesvolle zakenman? De keuze is aan jou op GameTopia


MythicRealmsRPG is listed in Roleplay servers. Hello and welcome to the MythicRealms RPG! MythicRealms RPG is an upcoming MMORPG-like Minecraft server. Follow your path of adventurer, live the life you want to roleplay, own property or whole town,...


ZolaCraft is listed in Roleplay servers. ZolaCraft SkyBlock Minetopia en meer! 60 Spelers Karten in Mariokart stijl! Gezellige Discord server+ Proximity Chat!!

3025Dyia Survival ServerDyia Survival Server

Dyia Survival Server is listed in Roleplay servers. > 300+ Custom Advancements / 2 Sethomes / Vanilla Survival / Giveaways > Small Friendly Community / Land Claiming / PvP Toggle / Linked Chats > Custom Items / Custom Dungons / Custom Bos...


How can I pick the Best Minecraft Roleplay Servers?

Choosing Minecraft Roleplay server can be very challenging since it depends on what kind of server you are looking for. When it comes to Minecraft one of the most important factors to a great Minecraft server is an active community and player base. Here you can find top Roleplay servers with information such as the number of players connected and a number of votes, to help you choose the right Roleplay Minecraft server.