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Minecraft Jobs servers provide players with an immersive and dynamic economy system by utilizing the popular Jobs plugin. This plugin introduces a unique gameplay element where players can choose and engage in various professions or jobs to earn in-game currency.

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Rank Name Server Players Status

BlueSkies Minecraft is a Fun, Innovative Survival Server. We specialize in Great Plugins, Kind and Caring Staff, Great Builds and a Happy Atmosphere. We pride ourselves in creating an environment inviting for those of all ages, backgrounds and personalities! Feel free to join, everyone is welcome...

875Vexius Network

We define a community as a group of people who come together to have fun, create memories, and gain friendships. At Vexius you will find our community is more like a family. Towny/Survival: 1.17+ - Quests - Custom Bosses - Towns\ - Balanced Economy - Jobs... and much more! Creative 1.17+: 200...


HavenMC is a friendly and welcoming Minecraft server with a commitment to creating a completely toxic-free environment, open to everyone to join and enjoy. Part of our commitment means we're completely LGBTQ+ friendly, feature-rich with tons of quests, varying Jobs and unique MCMMO progressio...


TortugaMC is a friendly semi-vanilla SMP community running Java 1.17. We offer ease of life features such as grief prevention, multiplayer sleep, set home(s), marketplace warp, and a resource world. We also have MCMMO, Jobs, quests, crates, ranks perks, and a player run economy. Join our discord ...


-NO PREMIUM - GRATIS! RAREITEMHUNTER,SLIMEFUN:(ElectricSpawners, SensibleToolbox, ExoticGarden, SlimeXpansion) -DANGEON DE VERDAD con elytras y dragon! aqu lo podris MATAR!! -NETHER DE VERDAD Cada da es una aventura whiter! MCMMO,TOWNY,WALLS,WALLSABF,SUPERWARS,SMASHEROES,SKYWARS,LUCKYBLOCKISLAN,R...

912MagnaRisa SMP

Month of Harvest! Harvest voting rewards, Community State Fair building, Meme Movie Knight, community vote goals! MagnaRisa is a unique survival server that focuses on building. Survival Anti-Grief Greylist system Custom spawn Frequent events Great community! Dedicated staff team! No owner, com...


As a Slimefun heavy server, we've got plenty of shiny new addons and classic addons to keep you busy but MCTantrum has a wide variety of things to do for every type of Minecraft player. Theres tons of custom items and OP armor, weapons, and tools. If you like having some direction, weve got a...

930Hikayat Towny Server

Do you watch Minecraft Civilization videos and want to join one that is long-term instead of a one-time thing? Are you looking for a 1.19 server that focuses on worldbuilding through wars, alliances, and trade? Join our Towny server today and be its first storytellers!  What is Towny? Towny is w...


Finmine is a small, welcoming Vanilla Minecraft Server that prides ourselves on our dedication to our players. Since Finmine's creation in 2011, we have always strived to be as family friendly and inclusive as possible, even going so far as branding ourselves as the “Girl Friendly Server” of ...

952CraftCitizen Survival

About the server CraftCitizen is a clan focused survival server for PvP'ers and for PvE'les. The world is open, and players can start by typing /wild to begin their journey! The economy is community-driven and offers a variety of ways to earn money. You can rent shop plots at the spawn, c...

959BLOCKY Survival

BLOCKY Survival is aimed at mature players although we are well aware of the various ages that play the game and all ages are welcome to come and play. Various plugins included like: GriefPrevention, Jobs, mcMMO, shops, crates etc. Come join us and have fun, make new friends and... survive!


VyrusMC is a NEW 1.17.1 Survival server. We are a free-to-play, non-profit, and non-pay-to-win Minecraft gaming server. VyrusMC is community-driven and listens to all the words and suggestions from our players. We have MCMMO, Jobs, crates, rank upgrades based on votes, warps, a token and money ec...


Nightfall is a java bedrock cross-play server. We are mainly a towny server, where players can create their own towns and may choose to build in peace, build a city, participate in wars (if they choose) or join an already existing town to become part of a community. We have a 20k x 20k world bo...

1028The West Kingdom

Welcome to The West Kingdom! Enhanced Survial 1.18 | New Map | Just Reset IP: thewestkingdom.net Here at The West Kingdom, our community is the thing that sets us aside from other servers. Our server and plugins have been specifically designed to offer an immersive and fun adventure for any playe...


Upon joining a Jobs server, players are presented with a selection of different professions or job types. These can range from traditional roles such as mining, farming, and fishing to more specialized professions like blacksmithing, enchanting, or brewing. Each profession offers specific tasks and activities related to its field, allowing players to immerse themselves in their chosen line of work.

Once a profession is selected, players can start performing jobs associated with that profession. These jobs typically involve completing specific tasks or objectives within the game world. For example, a miner may need to gather a certain amount of ores or rare minerals, while a farmer might be tasked with harvesting crops or breeding animals. By successfully completing these jobs, players earn in-game currency or rewards, which can be used to purchase items, upgrade equipment, or enhance their gameplay experience.

The Jobs plugin adds a layer of depth and progression to the Minecraft gameplay, giving players a sense of purpose and achievement as they work towards their goals. It encourages players to specialize in specific professions, develop their skills, and become more proficient in their chosen field. Additionally, the economy created by the Jobs plugin fosters a player-driven marketplace, where goods and services can be exchanged, creating a vibrant and dynamic virtual community.

Jobs servers often provide additional features and enhancements to enrich the gameplay experience. This can include customized job ranks, bonuses, or perks based on a player's performance or progress within their chosen profession. Some servers may also introduce competitive elements by including leaderboards, competitions, or special events related to the jobs system.

Participating in a Jobs server offers a unique and rewarding way to play Minecraft, as players can take on roles that align with their interests or playstyles. Whether you prefer the peaceful life of a farmer, the adventurous path of an explorer, or the industrious duties of a builder, Jobs servers provide a diverse range of opportunities for players to earn income and progress in the game.

By engaging in jobs and professions, players can not only accumulate wealth and resources but also contribute to the overall economy of the server. This collaborative aspect fosters interaction and cooperation among players, as they may need to trade goods or services with each other to advance in their respective professions.

If you enjoy the idea of pursuing a specific profession, earning in-game currency, and actively participating in a player-driven economy, joining a Minecraft Jobs server can offer an engaging and rewarding gameplay experience. Explore the available professions, hone your skills, and become a master of your chosen craft in the vibrant and bustling world of Jobs servers.