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Find Minecraft Servers hosted in Thailand. Server location can affect your ping, the closer the server host is to you, the lower your ping will be. If you're from Thailand you will have the best ping on servers hosted in Thailand. There are 2 servers hosted in Thailand.

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10builders10tools is a minecraft server that promises its players semi-vanilla survival gameplay with PVP, a never ending world and no rules. There is some exceptions for example, effecting the server's performance using lag machines. The IP is 10b10t.org. The server has been created on the 1...

278Pcampus Network

Minecraft Server 1.17 Server Network: + Minecraft Vanilla 1.17 + Minecraft Survival 1.16.5 Slimefun/mcMMO Slimefun Quest mcMMO + Skyblock + Creative + Prison RolePlay