Minecraft Bedwars Servers

Breaking your first bed? On Bedwars server? Let us explore some of the top Minecraft Bedwars servers. As BedWars is seen by many players as a spinoff of the SkyWars game mode, you'll need to become skilled and nimble to avoid being knocked into the void and defend your bed at the same time.

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MLG Land


MLG Land is listed in Bedwars servers. MLG Land is a Minecraft server network with bedwars, skywars, survival, and fastbuilder. Minecraft version: 1.8 - 1.18.2 Location(s): US/East


The Lone Network


The Lone Network is listed in Bedwars servers. We Support 1.8 - 1.17 Our Server has Survival SMP where You can build kill and raid / have the pure form of survival experience with a little addons like home / tpa , etc . And Taking about BEDWARS its very smooth (only if your ping is not bad) and W...


How can I pick the Best Minecraft Bedwars Servers?

Choosing Minecraft Bedwars server can be very challenging since it depends on what kind of server you are looking for. When it comes to Minecraft one of the most important factors to a great Minecraft server is an active community and player base. Here you can find top Bedwars servers with information such as the number of players connected and a number of votes, to help you choose the right Bedwars Minecraft server.